Do you want hosting + domain for 36 USD per year?

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Hosting is a space on some of the servers that are connected to the Web all the time. Hosting accepts the files with which your website is built.

It is important that the server is active and connected all the time, so that your website is visible and accessible by your potential customers.

There are many types of hosting that differ by price, but also any hosting has to be reliable and protected from hackers.


Your domain is not only the identity of your website (and business) but also your Internet address. To easily access any website, each of them is given a specific and different name.

Your domain name itself can attract more visits from your potential customers.


1. First, we listen carefully to your needs!

2. If you have an existing website, we will do an analysis for free,

3. If you do not have website, we will give you professional suggestion, construction for your future website,

4. Keep in mind: the content (texts, photos, etc.) is your responsibility. You are the one who knows about his business. However, we can give you many tips in this part,

5. You will receive a price for your project,

6. If we agree to continue, we will define the future steps (domain, hosting, type of site, logo and graphic design, SEO, maintenance)

7. The work is done with the participation of the user,

8. All the time you have a control of the expenses.

9. The price is paid 50% by the advance, when defining the project, and 50% after the launch of the project,

10. All other details that arise are defined during this process

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